BUSOLE DRIVES – Standard impact sockets

Natični ključi različnih dimenzij

Natični ključi

Impact Sockets / Power BitsSpark Proof Sockets / Special Production

Thanks to a production process developed with advanced technologies in the field of cold forged steel, Drive’s has always been able to provide a full range of specific high quality solutions for industrial tightening problems. A wide range of impact socket wrenches are available from drive dimensions 1/4 "to 3 1/2" and impact wrench sizes are available from M10 to M150.

Drive’s impact sockets are made of high resistance extra alloy steels according to the ISO 2725-2 and ISO 1174-2 standards, and black finished. In this catalogue, we present the standard production of tools, which is only a part of what Drive’s can build. Thanks to a highly flexible and dynamic production process, Drive’s is able to produce customized sockets and tools upon demand.


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