Pneumatic nutrunner

Pneumatic nutrunner DP1

Pneumatic nutrunner DP1

Our new brawny pneumatic nutrunner DP1 is shorter and more slender than its predecessor DPM.

  • The 5 new manufactured sizes of the DP1 replace the DPM in the respective performance categories and provide a torque range of 125 - 3,600 Nm.
  • Pneumatic nutrunners by Plarad are designed for continuous operation in different application ranges in the fields of installation, maintenance and production. The DP1 is also suited for various tasks in the oil and gas industry or in the mining industry.
  • The low-vibration technology protects the user‘s muscles and joints and effectively prevents the development of HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome).
  • The low weight and the sophisticated ergonomic profile ensure an excellent handling.
  • The gearbox is designed to sustain a constant load.
  • The drive rotates 360°.

Pneumatc nutrunner DP1

Model Socket (inch) Torque range (Nm) Weight (kg)
DP1-05 3/4" 125 - 500 4,7
DP1-10 3/4" 250 - 1.000 4,9
DP1-20 1" 380 - 2.000 6,0
DP1-30 1" 580 - 3.000 6,6
DP1-36 1" 760 - 3.600 6,6
DP1-48 1.200 - 4.800
DP1-80 2.200 - 8.000


Electric/Pneumatic nutrunner DE1/DP1 angle version

Electric nutrunner DE1 plus Angle Version

Fine adjustment is achieved via a pressure regulation unit

DP-Preassure Unit

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