Consulting during the construction stage

Boasting more than 50 years of know-how in bolting technology and the largest product selection around, we can always offer the most economical solution.

We support you as early as the construction stage of your projects and will accompany you during the testing stage if you need us to do so.

We actively contribute to a wide range of boards and standard committees. This allows us to incorporate the latest modifications to standards as well as future requirements on bolting equipment into our component consultations.

Perfect tools for every bolting application

We analyse your bolting case in accordance with your specifications and requirements and provide you with efficient solutions that are tailored to fit your needs. Our bolting questionnaire allows us to compose the tools that are ideal for your purposes.

You will find these bolting questionnaires in our download center

Optimised solutions

We use our CAD system to generate a 3D model of your bolting case. For this purpose, we require that you provide us with your bolting data (in a freehand sketch, bolting questionnaire or previously created CAD files, etc.). We will use this data to suggest the most suitable bolting equipment for your application.

You will receive our suggested solution as a printout and 3D model in the file format you request.

As you can use these models during your future construction stages as well, you will be able to implement all of your subsequent projects without any problems.

Product demonstrations

Our experts offer on-the-spot advice, showcases our tools and help you with their use. Our training activities are aimed at engineers, safety managers, designers, main operators and assembly managers.

We offer special training courses: theory and technique of screwing, safety aspects, maneuverability, use and adaptation of equipment, maintenance of the first and second stages.

Measuring /Testing/Calibrating

Our services in the areas of testing and measuring technology are grouped into two categories. The first group of services is concerned with the precise measurement of the torques occurring in your bolting case, while the other types of services involve the maintenance, testing and adjustment of your bolting system.

Repair&Spare Part Service

We devise customised concepts for the maintenance of your tools. We recommend that you subject your power packs, bolting systems and accessories to an inspection and calibration at regular intervals.

The equipment we service will receive a new factory inspection certificate. This is how we document quality. Should you experience a defect despite this diligence, our technicians will be glad to help you detect and eliminate the fault. If you require any additional service on site, we will consult with you to arrange for a service appointment. In the meantime, you will be able to use our service of loan equipment.


We will find the solution that is best for you:

  • Suits limited budgets
  • No full investment, usage-related costs only
  • Immediate availability
  • No maintenance costs or costly warehousing

Talk to us. We will draft a renting, leasing or financing offer that is tailored to fit your individual requirements.

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